Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today we had a foreign customer. He bought a lot of stuff and my worker, L put them in a few boxes. Finally, when the payment had been done, L helped him to carry those boxes to his car.

A few minutes later, L came back and showed me a piece of RM5 and he was surprised with the tip given by the customer.
I asked him to give me the note to be put into the cash register. He said, 'Like that also can?'

I said, 'Why not? It belongs to the company!' He gave me the note and I knew he was not happy.

After a short while, I returned the note to him and gladly he accepted it. He said that for him money is everything.

I told him that I was just testing him and definitely I won't take away his rights..


Pete said...

Hah, generous customers....

eugene said...

I think you have already acheived something as far as customer service is concerned and i believe that worker of yours deserves to be groomed and given a pat on the shoulder.

sometimes,sincerity is the corner stone to good customer service and all those patronizing words with no sincerity in it,simply fake,,

well done ,BEelee

[SK] said...

the tips is for L and you should not keep that.. if the customer is giving tips to the shop, then he will not give the notes personally to L..

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