Sunday, August 21, 2011

No Plastic Bag Day (3)

We have been in this campaign since the 1st of Jan this year. I could see that the customers have been aware too. Some of them are already into the habit of bringing their own shopping bags on Saturdays.

But, we still could see that some customers are still not willing to compromise. Thay gave the excuse that they came by bike and no plastic bags wouldn't do.

Some customers are still in the dark. They said that they didn't know that we don't provide plastic bags on Saturdays.

Anyhow, we are still adamant in carrying on this campaign. I just hope that in future we could achieve 100% no plastic bags on Saturdays.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


This happened about two weeks ago. My husband had gone out. My male staff had gone home and I was not in too. My two shopkeepers were at the store so no one was in the shop except my cashiers.

So this guy had the opportunity to shoplift. My cashier was shocked as he just left the shop without paying. 

Customers are respected but do some customers respect us in return? Why must they shoplift?
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