Saturday, July 23, 2011


That day was a quiet day. My girl was at the counter with the other cashier. Suddenly, she realized that a customer just walked out with a box of ice-cream. She quickly walked out and found out that he rushed to his motorbike which was parked quite a distance away.

So my girl checked the cctv and found out that he had actually put two cans of beer into his pocket and walked coolly out with the ice-cream.

It happened because my husband and I was not around. Furthermore, the male staff had gone back earlier on that day. Coincidentally, my two general workers were at the store. So practically no one was keeping an eye on him.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Comparing Prices

Customers like to compare prices. There is another sundry shop just a short distance away from my husband's shop.

Normally, my customers would tell me that the other shop is selling at a certain price for a certain item. And they would expect me to give them same deal as that. 

But sometimes, I couldn't tell if they were honest enough. Sometimes, they could simply quote their own price so that they will get what they want.

It could be a lie as sometimes after telling me, they still get it from me even though I refused to give that required price..

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saying Sorry is important

A customer told me that she was at the neighboring shop and once it happened that the cashier accidentally knocked down a can of tuna. It dropped directly onto her toes and it hurt.
Never mind about that. What's not excusable was that the cashier didn't even say 'Sorry'.

From then on, she has stopped visiting that shop and started coming to my shop.

I simply asked, 'How about us?' She showed her thumb up and  said, 'You people are good!'

Wow, I felt so good..
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