Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Late Customers

I wonder why customers like to shop at the time when the shop is closing. 

It's already past our shop's closing time and these customers were still dilly-dally in choosing their stuff. I had to call out three times before they were willing to stop.

I said, 'Hello, we are closing.' No response. I had to say again and yet still no response. Finally, I had to go right in front of those customers and said again.

Then only they were willing to call it a night!

1 comment:

William said...

In my heart ... aiya, one more minute lah. Can't you see that you need our custom!? I am helping you to earn more $$. Else, I may find another place to shop ler. haha... joke aside, I will have to ensure that I go early enough. You need rest like us!

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