Sunday, April 10, 2011


Today, my staff, L told me that the boss was mad at him.

His story:

Yesterday, an old lady wanted tung kwai and she stressed that she wanted the old ones. So L took the old ones and sliced them using the machine. It turned out that the tung kwai was dark in color. So L explained to her that it didn't matter as they still got the fragrance of tung kwai.

She was alright about it but this morning her dughter came to our shop and accused us of selling her mum old stuff. She even told us that she had shown the stuff to another medical shop and it was confirmed old.

When the boss heard the complaint, he was furious. We refunded her the money but the boss was still angry. Why did L sell this old stuff? 

The boss asked him to throw away the old tung kwai.. 

He stressed that the prestige of the shop must be taken care of..

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