Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mad Rush

Everyone is in the mood or is it the mad rush? All seem to be rushing and shopping whether they are Indian, Chinese or Malays.

So to create the Christmas mood recently, we wore christmas hats for 7 days until Christmas day. We always put customer first. We serve them with utmost interest and necessary assistance.

Soon New Year will be here and Chinese New Year too. We will be very busy until after Chinese New Year. It's great that business is so good during the festive months..

Friday, December 16, 2011

Honest Customer

This lady customer had already paid for her stuff and she put the package on the counter. She went looking for other stuff. When she came back, she was shocked to see that her package was gone. We had to replace her items.

Meanwhile, I browsed through the cctv. True enough, another customer had taken her package together with his own. So I was hoping that this customer would come back and return us the stuff.

Surprised, the customer came back to return the package which was not his. Thankfully he's such an honest customer..
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