Sunday, December 23, 2012


Customers can be forgetful too. Yesterday a customer came to our shop and told us that she only received a bottle of the item instead of two which the receipt shown.

With the receipt provided, it's easier for me to check the cctv. So I had to really check through and found out that those two bottles were indeed put inside the plastic bag. That confirmed that she had taken them.

That bottle could be somewhere at her home as someone could had taken it out from the bag. That shows that they could be absent-minded but what I could do is to confirm the reality.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Few weeks ago, a customer came to our shop to buy a box of milk powder. There would be a gift given if he bought two boxes. Since he liked the gift, he wanted to buy another box.

While checking in his wallet, he was short of money. He told me that he would go to the ATM and come back to buy the milk powder.

But seeing that it was raining, I wouldn't like him to rush. So I offered to pay for the balance. He was surprised that I lent him RM6.

He swore that the would come back to pay me back. The next day, there was no sign of him. I thought maybe there's the end. But I was surprised when he really came back another day to pay me back. 

I was glad that he did that. I was afraid that he might not come back since I hardly know him.

But yesterday, he came back. He wished me and asked if I still recognised him. I couldn't and he told me that he was the one whom I lent the money to.

He said not many people would trust anybody. I told him I need to trust people and hope it's worthwhile..

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

customer's absentmindedness

Well, some customers can be very absent minded. 

In a case like this: 

A customer bought a number of items at night. When they reached home, they just put their items aside. The next morning, they checked their items with their receipt. At the end of the list, there was an item which cost them RM5. But they couldn't find any other item which cost RM5. They already had an item which cost RM5. They suspected that the cashier had double charged them on that particular item.

So they came to the shop and complained that the cashier had overcharged them. But of course, it had to be confirmed. CCTV is the only way to do just that. After browsing the cctv, it was realised that the last item was something that the customer was holding. When counter checked with the customer, she realised that she had actually bought the item which cost RM5. Furthermore, the item was put aside in the house..

Just hope that all customers make sure that they have checked thoroughly before they complain. If over charging is really the case, the shopkeeper is ever willing to refund the customers..

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

'I Love Biscuits' Contest.

'I Love Biscuits' Contest.

1. Make sure you have liked Chang Jiang Enterprise Sdn Bhd Page.

2. Name the biscuits that you love and post a picture of you enjoying them. You will get a lucky draw ticket immediately.

3. Get as many 'likes' as possible from your friends. 50 'likes' and above will be entitled for another lucky draw ticket.

3. Contest closes on the 26 September 2012.

4. Lucky draw of the tickets will be held on the 30 September 2012 at 4pm at Chang Jiang Ent Sdn Bhd.

5. Prize: 1 Lucky winner: A gift voucher of RM30.
10 Consolation winners: A gift voucher of RM10 each.

6. Terms and condition: Past winners are not allowed to take part in this contest. But kindly encourage your friends to take part.

Thank you.

The management of Chang Jiang Ent Sdn Bhd.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Malaysia Day Logo contest

In conjunction with Malaysia Day, Chang Jiang Enterprise Sdn Bhd organised a contest whereby the people are required to draw an original logo for Malaysia Day.

This contest is held for the customers and thus enables them to use facebook as a way of connecting globally.

Malaysia Day Logo Contest:

1. Make sure you have liked Chang Jiang Enterprise Sdn Bhd Page.

2. Create an original logo for Malaysia Day.

3. Use only 3 colors.

4. Post the photo of your logo on Chang Jiang Enterprise Sdn Bhd page.

5. A lucky draw will be conducted on the 13 Sept 2012 at 4pm.

6. Lucky winner - RM30 Chang Jiang voucher
Consolation prizes: RM10 Chang Jiang voucher

7. Closing date: 12 September 2012.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Go green

We have implemented 'No Plastic bag' day since the 1st Jan of last year. It has been one and a half year. We use boxes to cater for our customers. We even encourage our customers to bring their shopping bags.

Some customers are good and they will bring their shopping bags but it 's still not satisfactory yet.

So I decided to carry out the point system for the shopping bag. If they bring their own shopping bag, they will earn a point. If they bring our company's bag which is sold at 80 sen, they will earn 2 points.

With this system, I can see some changes. Those customers are obliged to bring their shopping bags. When they have collected 30 points, we will give them a gift.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Environmental friendly.

I came out with a new idea. When each customer brings his/her own shopping bag, we are going to give him/her a point. Thus he/she has to collect 30 points in order to redeem a gift from us.

Sounds good, right?

We had given our shopping bags to our customers but practically no one seems to shop with our bags.

We even implement 'No Plastic Bag' day but still no one likes the idea of bringing their own shopping bags.

So hopefully with this new promotion, customers would do their part to be environmental friendly.

Save the environment! Bring your own shopping bag!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Certain customers can be trusted. Some customers have the intention to buy more items but they soon realise that they don't enough money to pay. If  they are regulars, I don't mind letting them on credit. They would surely come back to pay me.

But certain customers take it for granted. When I give them on credit, they don't come back again. So in this case, I lose some money.

So at times, I rather don't give any credit at all..

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Contests for customers

Customers love contests. Whenever there's contest, there's bound to be an extra purchase. For example, the Drypers contest. They need to purchase at least RM40 to entitle for the contest. At first they bought less than RM40. But after explanation from the shopkeepers, they would buy extra to top up to RM40.

To participate in more contests, hop over to There are many contests awaiting the customers.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Customers are always right

This has become the famous quote for customers. Naturally it sounds good for all of us as we are all customers. Even though we  who have the right to complain and comment, we should do it with respect of the person concerned. Everyone has feelings no doubt but we need to be conscious of who we are. Of course, we want to be treated nicely and it's the same for the other side. 

If we need to complain, there's a proper way to do it. We shouldn't do it in front of so many other customers or in public. It is not respectful. Surely there's a proper channel to do so.

I hope all customers have the conscience to be good customers and support the person concerned.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


900g x 1 tin
1-9 years
Wyeth S-26 PE GOLD available vanilla flavour.
Ideal for:-
Kids who won’t try new foods, eat too little or too slowly, or don’t eat
at regular intervals.
Strong - with added DHA, AA, Lutein, Taurine and Choline.
Nutritional - Contains Oligofructose a soluble dietary fibre.
Foundation - Over 40 ingredients, including more than 25 essential
S-26 PE GOLD is specially formulated for the cute that picky eating
because it contains biofactors
System-a scientific approach to balance the combination and quantity
of essential nutrients that
support the development of five aspects of cute, eye development,
 mental, developmental, learning
and physical development.

S-26 PE GOLD is formulated with the same nutrients found in diet
 such as proteins, dairy, grains,
vegetables, fruits and other foods diet. Three meals daily
S-26 PE GOLD 100% meet nutritional
recommendations for the cute Malaysian RNI for 1-9 years of
iron, calcium, zinc and
vitamins (A.B2, C, D, E). In addition, S-26 PE GOLD is
formulated with a delicious vanilla flavor,
and favored by the cute as picky eaters.

Help the cute that picky eater back to the normal development
of the 2-3 servings per day of
S-26 PE GOLD. You can use the S-26 PE GOLD to replace
whatever milk formula for children
growing up or a drink cow's milk for your children. Once your
child is not picky eaters, you can
switch to S-26 PROGRESS GOLD or S-26 GOLD promise
to complement a healthy diet.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Various contests are held to attract customers. Customers love to take part in contest. So retailers/suppliers are always aware of that and they tried to implement as many as possible those contests that might lure customers to spend more. 

Current contests are;

Lactogen 3
Nan Grow 3

If customers need more details, just ask the shopkeepers..

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Unbelievable customers

Customers can be very funny. They bought quite a number of stuff but refused to believe that they had spent so much. They wanted us to count the items again.

After doing second counting, they were satisfied. Didn't they know what they were buying and the cost of those items? 

Because of that, they wasted our time and their own. I wish they had mentally added up their total cost of their purchases before buying them. In that way, they would be prepared and not realizing that they hadn't got enough cash to pay..

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Generous Customer

Tonight as usual, I was the cashier. A customer was supposed to pay RM14.70 and he thought he gave me a RM10 and a RM5. 

After I had given him the 30sen change, I realized that there was another RM5 underneath the other RM5. We called out to him and he came back. I gave back the note to him.

But instead of going out from our shop, he went in again. I thought he might want to get something else. So he bought a bar of Cadbury chocolate and it cost RM7.
After paying for the chocolate, he was supposed to take it but he left it on the counter and said, "For you!" 

I was surprised! I said, "Hey, no need!" 

He just went out and when the boss chased after him to return him the chocolate. He refused so the chocolate was back to me. I just put it back on the shelf..

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