Thursday, April 7, 2011


Customers can be very fussy and could get into your nerves if you are in business.

I have a VIP customer who comes to my shop once every month. He would buy loads and loads of stuff. Furthermore, he's a rich guy..I could see that.

Normally my husband is the one who would say out the price while my cashier would key in the amount.

When my husband is not around, I would be the one to take over. But one day, my husband was not around and I was busy. So my staff, W helped to take over.

In the middle of the process, my cashier kept asking W to repeat and W was laughing a bit. Towards the end, that customer had to pay the total amount. He seemed not happy and wanted to see the boss.

But my husband was not around so I talked to him. He told me that he didn't like W to handle the process next time.

Fair enough, when he comes again, I would have to do the packing while reading the price tags. Could be very tedious but a customer has his say..


Pete said...

Customer is always right....what to do!

ken said...

need to upgrade to accommodate such customers..

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