Saturday, January 28, 2012

Unbelievable customers

Customers can be very funny. They bought quite a number of stuff but refused to believe that they had spent so much. They wanted us to count the items again.

After doing second counting, they were satisfied. Didn't they know what they were buying and the cost of those items? 

Because of that, they wasted our time and their own. I wish they had mentally added up their total cost of their purchases before buying them. In that way, they would be prepared and not realizing that they hadn't got enough cash to pay..

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Generous Customer

Tonight as usual, I was the cashier. A customer was supposed to pay RM14.70 and he thought he gave me a RM10 and a RM5. 

After I had given him the 30sen change, I realized that there was another RM5 underneath the other RM5. We called out to him and he came back. I gave back the note to him.

But instead of going out from our shop, he went in again. I thought he might want to get something else. So he bought a bar of Cadbury chocolate and it cost RM7.
After paying for the chocolate, he was supposed to take it but he left it on the counter and said, "For you!" 

I was surprised! I said, "Hey, no need!" 

He just went out and when the boss chased after him to return him the chocolate. He refused so the chocolate was back to me. I just put it back on the shelf..

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