Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trustworthy staff

Today is Sunday but I had to work. My husband had gone for a meeting. Since today is quite a relaxing day, I had asked my staff, H to clear the small section of my husband's private place. 

It was very dusty and since I am allergic to dust, she did it for me. While clearing, she found a bundle of notes behind the cupboard. She quickly gave it to me. I was impressed by her honesty.

Once, a customer commented to me about her. He said that H is a very honest lady. He had forgotten all about the change but she reminded him and gave him back the change. He was indeed impressed.

Our customers don't need to fear as my staff are trustworthy..


reanaclaire said...

hey wenn..u geng.. now u can manage few blogs at one go!!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Bee Lee, there are very honest people around. And that H is good.
When I employed my maids old days, I would purposely leave some money around.
They were never touched or disappeared.
Have a nice day.

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