Friday, April 29, 2011

Supportive pair

Most customers prefer to use plastic bags but they are prevented from using them on Saturdays as my shop has implemented the "No Plastics Bag on Saturdays".

There is a couple who is very supportive of not using the plastics. Each time they come to my shop, they would definitely refrain from using the plastic bags. They would rather carry the stuff with their bare hands.

I really salute them. Furthermore, they are such nice couple and I have much fun talking to them.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Late Customers

I wonder why customers like to shop at the time when the shop is closing. 

It's already past our shop's closing time and these customers were still dilly-dally in choosing their stuff. I had to call out three times before they were willing to stop.

I said, 'Hello, we are closing.' No response. I had to say again and yet still no response. Finally, I had to go right in front of those customers and said again.

Then only they were willing to call it a night!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Yesterday was 'No Plastic Bag Day'. So as usual we didn't use plastics but boxes instead.

There was a customer who was complaining when we refused to give him plastic. 

He said, 'Come on, I need to take those stuff to a hospital. How am I gonna carry?'

He was angry so there was no point arguing with him. I just gave him the plastic and he shut up immediately but there was not even a 'Thank You'!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I really congratulate those customers who refuse to take our plastic when they buy stuff from my shop. When they say, 'Never mind! No need plastic!', I am indeed happy.

I would say, 'That's great! Thanks!'

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sugar free

A customer told me that he wanted to reduce sugar intake of his son. His son loves sweet stuff and usually put lots of sugar into his cup of coffee.

Since he wanted to reduce his intake, I recommended sugar cube whereby it could easily be managed. Thus, his son has to be supervised.

But he changed his mind and wanted the 'Equal' so that there's not much calories as compared to sugar cubes.

Good as a customers have begun to understand the reality of being healthy..

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Some customers can be real demanding. They want use to reduce our price no matter what.

A customer, an old lady, would buy milk powder from me and wants me to reduce for her. She would say out the desired price but it would mean that I am selling at a lost.

I have to explain to her that my profit is just a mere 50 sen but she wouldn't believe it. After much arguing, I have to give her more but I just earn little. She's satisfied and each time when she  comes she would demand that price..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Confession of a customer

I usually buy stuff from your shop on a monthly basis. It would come to around RM400 plus. Recently, I heard from my friends that the next door shop offers cheaper stuff. Naturally I was attracted to that.

One day, I went over to that shop and bought the same stuff that I buy every month. Surprising the amount came to around RM500 plus.

So I have decided to get my monthly ration from your shop instead. It has more to offer..

Friday, April 15, 2011


When my customers want reduction in prices, they would usually see me. They wouldn't ask my husband as he would usually say 'NO".

Like in the case of this customer. He is a father of an Ensure dependent daughter. He could easily buy a can every week. Seeing that he is such a responsible father towards his paralyzed daughter, I sympathized him.

So I would reduce a bit and he is so happy. This is the only way I offer my help to his daughter. God bless his daughter..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Customers like to ask me for advice. I don't know why but I usually recommend stuff to them. That's why they like to refer to me.

A customer asked me about a certain herbal medication. So I explained to him in detail. He was listening attentively and when I stopped, he said, 'You spoke like a doctor!'

How I wish I am a doctor..

Compare Prices

A customer told me that we sell cheaper than the other shop.

I said, 'Well, we don't put high price for our items. In fact, we just earn a little bit."

Then, he said, 'Good least we don't pay too much for an item.'

I said, 'Ya, that should be the way. Thanks!'

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


A customer complained to me that my staff ignored him when he asked for something. So I asked who was that person.
Then I knew that that person was not our staff. She was just a sales merchandiser who came to our shop to arrange her products on the shelves.

So I told him that she was not our staff and she had her own right not to bother our customers. I apologized to him and asked him to seek my help in future.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trustworthy staff

Today is Sunday but I had to work. My husband had gone for a meeting. Since today is quite a relaxing day, I had asked my staff, H to clear the small section of my husband's private place. 

It was very dusty and since I am allergic to dust, she did it for me. While clearing, she found a bundle of notes behind the cupboard. She quickly gave it to me. I was impressed by her honesty.

Once, a customer commented to me about her. He said that H is a very honest lady. He had forgotten all about the change but she reminded him and gave him back the change. He was indeed impressed.

Our customers don't need to fear as my staff are trustworthy..


Today, my staff, L told me that the boss was mad at him.

His story:

Yesterday, an old lady wanted tung kwai and she stressed that she wanted the old ones. So L took the old ones and sliced them using the machine. It turned out that the tung kwai was dark in color. So L explained to her that it didn't matter as they still got the fragrance of tung kwai.

She was alright about it but this morning her dughter came to our shop and accused us of selling her mum old stuff. She even told us that she had shown the stuff to another medical shop and it was confirmed old.

When the boss heard the complaint, he was furious. We refunded her the money but the boss was still angry. Why did L sell this old stuff? 

The boss asked him to throw away the old tung kwai.. 

He stressed that the prestige of the shop must be taken care of..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hey, be serious

This staff, L is a happy-go-lucky guy. He laughs most of the time even being scolded. No doubt it's nice but some customers dislike us for being not serious.

One day, a lady told me that she needed something herbal for her mum. Since L was just beside me, I asked him to talk to her. But she hesitated and told me that he was not serious as he was laughing away with another worker.

Anyway, I told her that he's new but he knew a lot about herbal stuff. Then only she consulted him after confirming that he could be serious too.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Customers can be very fussy and could get into your nerves if you are in business.

I have a VIP customer who comes to my shop once every month. He would buy loads and loads of stuff. Furthermore, he's a rich guy..I could see that.

Normally my husband is the one who would say out the price while my cashier would key in the amount.

When my husband is not around, I would be the one to take over. But one day, my husband was not around and I was busy. So my staff, W helped to take over.

In the middle of the process, my cashier kept asking W to repeat and W was laughing a bit. Towards the end, that customer had to pay the total amount. He seemed not happy and wanted to see the boss.

But my husband was not around so I talked to him. He told me that he didn't like W to handle the process next time.

Fair enough, when he comes again, I would have to do the packing while reading the price tags. Could be very tedious but a customer has his say..


A customer came back with her receipt and told me that she had checked her items with the receipt. She was wondering why the number of items didn't tally with the receipt.

Ok, I told her. Give me time to check the cctv. When I had found that particular section when my cashier was keying in the items, I checked thoroughly. And I found it.

I asked her to watch that section closely. True enough, she remembered that particular item. She recalled her son taking away that item when she reached her house earlier.

Oh my..customers do make mistakes.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today we had a foreign customer. He bought a lot of stuff and my worker, L put them in a few boxes. Finally, when the payment had been done, L helped him to carry those boxes to his car.

A few minutes later, L came back and showed me a piece of RM5 and he was surprised with the tip given by the customer.
I asked him to give me the note to be put into the cash register. He said, 'Like that also can?'

I said, 'Why not? It belongs to the company!' He gave me the note and I knew he was not happy.

After a short while, I returned the note to him and gladly he accepted it. He said that for him money is everything.

I told him that I was just testing him and definitely I won't take away his rights..

Speak to customers

To instill good rapport with the customers, I like to speak to them. I got to know more about them when I talk to them. They got to know more about me too.

As most of my customers are Indians, it makes my communication with them easier. Furthermore, they have confidence in me when I speak to them.

There is a customer who wanted to speak to me. He wanted to make sure that I understood what he wanted. He said that he usually shopped in another shop but he couldn't communicate well with them. So he came over to my place and talked to me.

He got his message across to me very clearly as I understood what he actually wanted. He was glad that he has found someone who could understand English. 

Glad that I could help him just by speaking in English..

Sunday, April 3, 2011

10 hampers in an hour

I was at home and suddenly my husband called. A customer wanted 10 hampers in an hour time. Quickly I dressed up and went to my husband's shop.

My staff was already getting ready the stuff for me. I just had to start doing the hampers. It was not difficult as the hampers were simple as they were RM30 each.

I had done 3 and the customer barged in and told me he wanted tall hampers. I told him that I couldn't do a tall one for just RM30. So I improvised and put the biscuit tin flat but on the slimmer side. The hamper was higher a little bit.

Hurriedly I did those hampers with the help from my staff. We managed to finish on time..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

No Plastic Bag Day

We had implemented 'No Plastic Bag' day on every Saturday since the 1st of Jan this year. We had encounted all kinds of comments and even criticism.

As at today, some customers still couldn't accept the ides of 'No Plastic Bag' day campaign.

A customer questioned, 'Who authorize this campaign?' My cashier couldn't explain it and I was not at the shop at that time.

When I was at the shop, my cashier told me about it and I told her to answer it as 'the government' should he ask her again next time.

A customer even said, 'oh, save money eh!' I answered back, 'It's for the future and for the environment!'

Skin Problem

This lady customer, J, used to come to my shop and formerly she got her treatment for her skin problem from my former sifu. Since he had already left my company, I introduced her to my new master, L.

L has recommended herbal package for her to boil and drink the soup. This package consisted of a frog's skeleton with other herbal stuff. She was reluctant initially but I managed to put her fear at bay.
After L had packed 3 packets, he explained to J how to consume them. She were to take it for three consecutive days.

She were told to come back after three days...
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