Sunday, April 1, 2012


900g x 1 tin
1-9 years
Wyeth S-26 PE GOLD available vanilla flavour.
Ideal for:-
Kids who won’t try new foods, eat too little or too slowly, or don’t eat
at regular intervals.
Strong - with added DHA, AA, Lutein, Taurine and Choline.
Nutritional - Contains Oligofructose a soluble dietary fibre.
Foundation - Over 40 ingredients, including more than 25 essential
S-26 PE GOLD is specially formulated for the cute that picky eating
because it contains biofactors
System-a scientific approach to balance the combination and quantity
of essential nutrients that
support the development of five aspects of cute, eye development,
 mental, developmental, learning
and physical development.

S-26 PE GOLD is formulated with the same nutrients found in diet
 such as proteins, dairy, grains,
vegetables, fruits and other foods diet. Three meals daily
S-26 PE GOLD 100% meet nutritional
recommendations for the cute Malaysian RNI for 1-9 years of
iron, calcium, zinc and
vitamins (A.B2, C, D, E). In addition, S-26 PE GOLD is
formulated with a delicious vanilla flavor,
and favored by the cute as picky eaters.

Help the cute that picky eater back to the normal development
of the 2-3 servings per day of
S-26 PE GOLD. You can use the S-26 PE GOLD to replace
whatever milk formula for children
growing up or a drink cow's milk for your children. Once your
child is not picky eaters, you can
switch to S-26 PROGRESS GOLD or S-26 GOLD promise
to complement a healthy diet.

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