Saturday, January 7, 2012

Generous Customer

Tonight as usual, I was the cashier. A customer was supposed to pay RM14.70 and he thought he gave me a RM10 and a RM5. 

After I had given him the 30sen change, I realized that there was another RM5 underneath the other RM5. We called out to him and he came back. I gave back the note to him.

But instead of going out from our shop, he went in again. I thought he might want to get something else. So he bought a bar of Cadbury chocolate and it cost RM7.
After paying for the chocolate, he was supposed to take it but he left it on the counter and said, "For you!" 

I was surprised! I said, "Hey, no need!" 

He just went out and when the boss chased after him to return him the chocolate. He refused so the chocolate was back to me. I just put it back on the shelf..

1 comment:

Pete said...

Hah, very hard to find this type of customers now a days! Good of you to return the RM5.
I can share the chocolate with you lah! lol!

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