Friday, May 10, 2013

Teacher's day

Teacher's day falls on the 16 May and we would like some dedication for teachers. Hop over to Chang Jiang to write in your dedication.

Will you love teaching? Here's what teachers say

By Experience

The Students
Teachers cite working with students as the number one reason why they love teaching. Many teachers get a rush as they watch a student master a new concept or come up with an innovative idea. In addition, teachers who are happy in their jobs do not get disappointed or take it personally when students experience setbacks; instead, they view these situations as challenges. Teachers love knowing that they can make a difference in a student's life--both in and out of the classroom.
Teachers enjoy leading their own classes and love the autonomy and freedom they have on the job. One of the nice aspects about this industry is that you don't have to wait for challenge and responsibility; unlike many other professions, teaching allows recent graduates to jump right in and do what they love--teach--rather than sit through a tiresome training period or climb slowly up the promotion hierarchy.


mun said...

When I was waiting for my Form 6 results, I went to teach in my former secondary school as a temporary teacher. Sad to say, I then decided that teaching is not for me so I did not study to be a teacher. I really appreciate teachers who are dedicated to their calling.

Small Kucing said...

Teaching is not for everybody. Only those with patience can teach. Teachers are mostly very loving type of person

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