Sunday, May 22, 2011

Customer's Right

My girl packed everything in a bag for the customer.

He commented, "You put everything in one bag!"

I heard and told my girl to separate them. That is, milk powder tin apart from the body shampoo.

My girl did it as told. The customer said. " Sorry ah. Cannot put them together. Baby food some more."

Ok, Fine. Customers are always right. But I was thinking, "No harm right? Both items are packed and not loose."


Uncle Lee said...

Hi BeeLee, ha ha....guess some customers are abit fussy.
Anyway, as long not meat or vegetables should be fine.
But you're right about customers being right.....sometimes, ha ha.
Have a nice day.

slavemom said...

Hi beelee, thx for dropping by! Well, some ppl r fussy. I think I'm 1 of them. hehehe I'm ok with bb food+shampoo. But if bb food+washing detergent, I'd prefer them to be packed separately. :)

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